French Rubinstein Negi’s 6.Bd3

Today I was still slogging away on the French Defense The Solid Rubinstein 2nd ed(Russell Enterprises 2018)


The Negi recommendation 6.Bd3 is one of the big lines(if not the biggest) that defenders will likely face. Langrock gives the following Meier game as a key way to manage the defense but I still had some unanswered questions



French Rubinstein 6.Bd3 c5

Paskturneringen Open 2015 rd7


After 14..a6(Diagram)

Black must be ready for the Negi idea 15.Bh4, with the idea of 15.Bg3. Black is slightly behind in development but has no immediate weaknesses.

After 14..a6


After 33..Qa5(Diagram)

The game was agreed drawn at this point but it was not so obvious why(looks equal but still could be played out). White has a queenside majority and Black’s king is open so there are many checking opportunities

After 33..Qa5


Not all my questions were answered in today’s checking but it will have to do.

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