Sicilian Taimanov 7.Qf3

The Sicilian Taimanov(Pavlidis,Quality Chess 2019)

A very nice book in the never ending series of must have books from Quality Chess


Time to get busy


Chapter 22 7.Qf3 Queen Lift/Transfer Line

7.Qf3 ch22 after 18..Nf4(Diagram)

White has three main choices

I took a quick look at the end positions. All I can safely conclude is that this a too much for a normal person to check, keep up with and remember. I will stick with the Caro-Kann for now, unless someone advises me otherwise.

After 18..Nf4


After 37..Kb7(Diagram)

This is the end position of one of the three main lines

Black is a pawn up but the b-pawn will fall soon.

After 37..Kb7

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