TWIC 1293 Hungarians in Action

The latest issue of TWIC is now available

selected games features the BSSZ Aranytiz GM /IM RRs 2019 in Budapest



English Opening

BSSZ Aranytiz GM 2019 Rd1

After 23..Nf7(Diagram)

White has more central space but his d-pawns are doubled. Black is looking to prevent e4-e5 and is possibly planning to generate queenside counterplay by pushing on the queenside

What do you recommend for White?

After 23..Nf7



King’s Indian

BSSZ Aranytiz IM 2019 Rd3

After 30.hxg4(Diagram)

The passed d-pawn looks more a like a stray lamb

What do you recommend  for Black?

After 30.hxg4


Juhasz,B playing in the IM group




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