TWIC 1296 Sicilian Taimanov

Keeping up with Pavlidis and The Sicilian Taimaov



Taimanov Sicilian 9.Nxc6(B48)

TCh-POL Ekstraliga 2019 Rd8.1

The 9.Nxc6 line is a sideline compared to the main 9-Na4 complex. After 12..cxd5(Diagram)

After 12..cxd5

White played the rare 13.Bd4 a5(The Pavlidis novelty) White sprang the new idea  14.Rf3(a rook lift with the simple idea of attacking on the kingside, but not considered by Pavlidis). In the sharp play that followed, this position was reached


After 22.Qd6(Diagram)

Black has two pawns for the exchange but the Rf8 is not doing much and the d7-pawn is under attack

What do you recommend for Black?

After 22.Qd6


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