Premium Pain November 2019 edition

From the Premium International Nov 2019 just finished

Losses must be checked and fixed but I was hoping for fewer losses in this tournament. I had to let this game sit for a few days before I could summon the willpower to look at the following games more closely.



Caro-Kann Defence 4..Nd7

Premium International A Rd4.7

After 18..Ne4(Diagram)

Black anticipates 19.dxc5 and is ready to recapture 19..Nxc5 when the knight will press the weak b3-pawn. Otherwise the knight will be strong in the centre against any neutral move

What do you recommend for White?

After 18..Ne4


After 21.Ne5(Diagram)

Black’s king is rather exposed as White clearly is going to the attack

What do you recommend for Black?

After 21.Ne5


I lost a tough endgame in round 2


g3 Slav

Premum International A Rd2.7

After 12.Bc7(Diagram)

The doubled b-pawns are under attack as a critical moment has been reached already

After 12.Bc7



After 26.Rd1(Diagram)

Black has won a pawn but can this be exploited? Possibly there is something happening on the d-file and the Bh3 is also looking quite threatening

What do you recommend for Black?

After 26.Rd1


There were plenty of conclusions to be made about this heartbreaking loss

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