GM Horvath,Ad in the TCh AUT 2012-2013

Here is an interesting game From the Austrian TCh

The following game can be examined under the following themes

  • Misplaced pieces
  • Light square weakness
  • Sudden alternation from flank to flank

Renner,C(2458) – Horvath,Ad(2485)
Sicilian Closed[B26]
TCh-AUT 2 Mitte 2012–13 Bad Schallerbach AUT (3.1), 21.10.2012
After a unspectacular beginning, it is time for black to come up with a suitable plan that meets the needs of the position. What should black be doing?

Black to Play

Black chose 19…Qe6 and transfered play to the queenside and the light squares to exploit the poor position of Nh3.

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