Zalakaros Open A 2012-06: GM Horvath,J first 7/9

This is the Hungarian Open Championship. Horvath,J won clear first with 7/9.

1 Horvath,Jozsef 2530 7.0/9
2 Horvath,Adam 2505 6.5/9
3 Nagy,Gabor 2375 6.0/9
4 Gonda,Laszlo 2557 6.0/9
5 Berczes,David 2550 6.0/9
6 Csonka,Balazs 2277 6.0/9
7 Tesik,Csaba 2339 6.0/9
8 Sipos,Janos 2223 6.0/9
9 Szekeres,Robert 2259 6.0/9
10 Vegh,Endre 2256 6.0/9    

GM Horvath in action
From Facebook
Some teach. Some play Some can do both and very well. GM Horvath is the lead instructor for the Maroczy Chess School.
Here is an intersting game from Round 9 that shows Horvath’s subtle positional style.

Horvath,Jozsef (2530) – Vegh,Endre (2256) [A11]
Zalakaros ‘A’ (Magyar Nyílt Bajnokság) Zalakaros (9), 16.06.2012
This game can be studied with the following themes in mind

  • Small center attack
  • Pawn centers in full contact
  • Attack  

Position 1
The solid small center has been formed. White has just played 14.Rfe1. There does not seem to be much happening in the position so it is hard to anticipate the course of events.

Position 2
The center has expoded after white played 23.e4 and now the pawn centers are in full contact.

Position 3
The attack is well underway.But how to kill black?

White to play

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