18th Bosnjaci Open(CRO)-Aczel,G(HUN)

Here a game from the 18th Bosnjaci Open(CRO) played by Aczel,G.

Black played a passive version of the g3 King’s Indian and was slowly being squeezed. After breaking on the kingside, black’s king was very vulnerable and  the kingside eventually crumbled.

Aczel,G (2448) – Vincze,Rob (2102)
Kng’s Indian g3 9.h3 Re8 10.Re1 Qc7 [E69]
18th Bosnjaci Open Bosnjaci CRO (4.12), 05.01.2013

Position 1
Black’s king has just walked into the line of fire with 24…Kh7. How should white respond?

White to Play


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