Tata Steel 2013 A-Rd11 Leko

Here is a beautiful game by Peter Leko from Tata Steel Group A played in rd11. The Tata Steel event was beautifully photographed and organized.

Van Wely defended aggressively with the Sicilian Dragon but Leko invited a RRB-RRN ending and showed some fabulous technique to grind out the win in model fashion.

Leko,P(l) – Van Wely(r) in rd 11

Leko,P (2735) – Van Wely,L (2679)
Sicilian Dragon 9.0-0-0 d5[B76]
75th Tata Steel GpA Wijk aan Zee NED (11.1), 25.01.2013

Position 1
White has the better structure. How should white continue?

White to Play


Position 2
Black is preparing a pawn break after playing 47..f6. How should white continue?

White to Play


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