Budapest Tch 2014

Results Rd8MTK III 8 MTK IV 4

Both MYK teams had to play each other before the other rounds started avoid later possible collusion.

Team Captain Attila Balla got some nice pictures-Thanks! Follow the MTK Club Facebook.



Other action

Other action


Playing area at Lauder School

Playing area at Lauder School

More action

More action

MTK III vs MTK IV Rd8 at the Lauder School
Filep,T(left) about to play Varga,B

Board 2 Yip-Czili,A

The top two boards were decisive. I faced the aggressive Benoni but got nothing from the opening.

After 36..Kh7(diagram)

I  tried for the win with an exchange sacrifice for enough compensation earlier and the game arrived at this tense position. I played for the logical 37.Rxb7 winning a pawn, making a threat and establishing a rook on the 7th rank. However, this was a losing mistake and Black had a winning attack after 37..Rg8! 

After 36..Kh7 Yip-Czili,A Board 2

Later in the game after 44..Rxe4(diagram)

After 44..Rxe4

The position looks double-edged and I thought White was still in the game with winning chances. I played the aggressive 45.Qf6(diagram)

After 45.Qf6

I made what I thought was a forcing move. The queen attacks f7 and clears the way for the d-pawn to advance. The Bg3 was sufficiently protected so I was pretty happy.

Black then found a nice move 45..Rf4+!! (diagram) and now it’s game over.

After 45..Rf4+!!

I played 46.Ke2 but on 46..Re6+ 0-1 and it was time to go home.

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