Oslo International 2014 Rd4

Standings After 4 Rounds

GM Werle and IM Andersen share the lead with 3.5/4. A group of Hungarian players are in hot pursuit.

  • IM Gladura 3/4
  • IM Galyas 3/4
  • IM Gara,A 2.5/4
  • GM Papp,G 3/4
  • GM Prohaszka,P 2.5/5

IM Galyas(HUN) on the left

From Round 3

The 2013 Hungarian Womens’ Champion won against GM Romanov(2647) for a nice scalp.

Gara,A(2322)-Romanov(2647) after 31..Qb5(diagram)

After 31..Qb5 Gara,A-Romanov,E(2647)

White followed with 32.Rd5 Qc6(diagram)

After 32..Qc6

Gara finished nicely with 33.Ng5+! hg 34.Qh5+ Kg8 35.Rd8+ 1-0


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