Budapest TCh 2014 Rd1

My new team MTK won all its matches today. I was board 12 for MTK II, just making the team with my plummeting FIDE rating.

Thanks to the photographer for the nice pics. The PGNs will be done soon for a more complete report.

New Teammate Dudas Ester

New Teammate Dudas Ester

Rising talent Terbe ,Julianna

Rising talent Terbe ,Julianna

IM Mihok,OLivier

IM Mihok,OLivier

Playing hall in Rd1

Playing hall in Rd1

Rd1 Playing hall

Board 12 Yip-Birovecz,Jordan

After 36..Qf5(diagram) Black switches to more active defense and makes a threat.

Yip-Birovecz After 36..Qf5

White continued with 36.h6 ignoring the threat and making a bigger threat of  mate on g7. Black stopped the mate with the blunder 36..Ne6?(diagram) Unfortunately this drops a piece.

After 36..Ne6

37.Rxe6 Qxf2+ 38.Kh2 and Black had to resign 1-0.


I. osztály, Lilienthal csoport
Pénzügyőr SE III – BEAC II 4:8
MTK II – Újpesti KSE 10:2
SENSE I – Aquaréna KSC II 4:8
Tabáni Spartacus II – MLTC II 0,5:11,5
Barcza GSC I – Fabulon-Lombik-1st Sat. 4,5:7,5
REAC SISE – Vasas SC II 5:7

II. osztály, Bilek csoport
Törekvés SE – Pestszentlőrinc II 5:7
SENSE II – Siketek SC 3,5:8,5
Sárkány DSE II – A. Láng MKKE 6,5:5,5
Barcza GSC II – Csepeli TK 8:4
Pestszentimre – Sirály 2,5:9,5

III. osztály, Szén csoport
HÜSI SC III – Rákosliget 1:11
MTK III – Aquaréna KSC III 7,5:4,5
Sárkány DSE III – MTK IV 5:7
Barcza GSC III – BEAC IV 4,5:7,5

MTK will be in action in the Monday unrated league and Captain Balla,Attila promised me pics from the last Rakosmente Open will arrive(soon) with the PGNs.


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