BTCh 2015-01 Rd6


The Budapest Team Ch 2014/15 season started up again and many players including myself went into action straight from the grueling Perenyi Memorial which finished yesterday. I was one of them but suffered from fatigue that continued today.

I contributed a lame draw with White against my young opponent after making a tactical oversight against a Benko Gambit and struggled for a worse position.

My opponent’s draw offer from a much better position was quickly accepted.

Tomorrow another game in the Monday league. There is so much chess in Budapest that I can barely take a breather.

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Grimm,G(l)-Terbe,Z(r). Photo by Balla,A from MTK on FB

Board 2 Yip-Toth

My opponent Toth,Abel(1647) also had good command of English an told me ‘.. 16.b3 was bad..’

After 15..Rb7(diagram)

After 15..Rb7 in Yip-Toth,A

I wanted to control the quenside and prevent ..Nb6 followed by..c4 ideas which would undermine the a-pawn and came up with 16.b3? intending to follow with Nd2-c4 but my idea had a big hole in it which was immediately exploited as 16..Rxb5!  followed quickly and I suffered.

I. osztály Lilienthal csoport
BEAC II – MLTC II 4,5:7,5
Aquaréna KSC II – Fabulon-Lombik-1st Sat. 8:4
Újpesti KSE – Vasas SC II 5:7
Pénzügyőr SE III – REAC SISE 5:7
MTK II – Barcza GSC I 8:4
SENSE I – Tabáni Spartacus II 4:7 /a 3. táblán lejátszott parti óvás alatt áll/

A Barcza GSC I. csapata Bíró Gergely idénybeli második kontumált vereségéért 2 büntetőpontot kapott.

II. osztály Bilek csoport
BEAC III – A. Láng MKKE 5,5:6,5
Siketek SC – Csepeli TK 4,5:7,5
Pestszentlőrinc II – Sirály 7,5:4,5
HÜSI SC II – Pestszentimre 10:2
Törekvés SE – Barcza GSC II 7:5
SENSE II – Sárkány DSE II 4,5:7,5

III. osztály Szén csoport
Rákosliget – MLTC III 6:6
Aquaréna KSC III – MTK IV 8:4
MTK III – Barcza GSC III 8:4
ATTE-ARISZ – Sárkány DSE III 5,5:6,5

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