Rakosmente Open April 2015

Darazs, Zoltan and Gubics, Peter tied for first with 5.5/6.

Well done! See results and standings.

In the last round I got crushed by Sulcz.


I wandered into a bad position after trying a new formation for Black in the opening.

Diagram after 23..Be7-f6??(I thought I was saving the bishop from the following sacrifice)

After 23..Bxf6

But then came 24.Nxf7! anyways 24..Kxf7 25.Qxe6+ Kf8 and the bishop is safe but(diagram)

After 25..Kf8

25.Bd6+! Not hard to see but I missed this. Rxd6 26.Qxd6+ and now I noticed that Rc8 is hanging so 1-0.

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