Grunfeld Stuff: Positional Masterpieces 2012-2015 Game 23

Grunfeld Exchange 7.Qa4+(D85)

Game 23 in Positional Masterpieces 2012-2015(Naiditsch and Balogh,Cs Chess Evolution 2016) caught my eye. It’s generally quite painful for d4-players to find something reasonable to play against the Grunfeld but this seems to be worth a closer look.The book has 50 nicely annotated games.

The authors have produced a nice series of books ideal for up to 2200 level(and possibly more).


Moiseenko-Vachier Lagrave

Biel 2013

White ducked a massive theory fight with the 7.Qa4+Exchange Variation and won a nice positional game based on play against Black’s overextended queenside pawns.

After 18.a4(Diagram)

After 18.a4

This summer’s home study program on the left.


After 18.a4


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