TWIC 1132

Every players’ favourite day is TWIC Tuesday.

The weekly task is download and refresh your main database and keep up with everyone.

Usually I look at games with players average 2500 elo(excluding blitz games). It’s more awkward to do this when you are in the middle of a tournament.

Here is what I found so far.

Feature games

Nimzo-Indian 4.Qc2(E32-39)

Usually I vary my approach against The Nimzo/Queen’s Indian. I have tried 4.e3 Against the Nimzo, 4.a3 against the Queen’s Indian and 4.Nbd2 or 4.Bd2 against the Bogo-Indian. Now I have 4.Qc2 on the to do list. Recent books are

  • Challenging the Nimzo-Indian(Vigorito 2007) is a White repertoire that needs a big update.
  • The Nimzo-Indian(Emms 2011) gives a Black repertoire featuring 4..0-0 and 6..d5 .
  • Nimzo and Bogo-Indian(Sielecki 2015) gives a Black repertoire based on 4..Nc6 and an overall dark square strategy.

This was the most interesting game I found.

Ivanisevic-Fakhrutdinov, Najdorf Mem Open A 2016

White got some mild pressure against 4..d5 and showed nice technique in the endgame.

After 33..fe(Diagram)

After 33..fe

Slav 6.Ne5 e6(D17)

Mozharov-Koziak,XXXI Gniota Memorial Open

The 7.e3 line has scored well recently but Black missed good chances in this game so I don’t believe this line at all.

After 19.Be2(Diagram)

Black is more active and has an excellent chance now to exploit White’s awkward piece placement.

After 19.Be2

Petroff Defence(C42-43)

Yue Yangyi-Wang Yue, Hainan GM

White used the topical 5.Nc3 and then developed Qe2 instead of the more normal Qd2. Black had a fine position and missed a win. I defended this line yesterday so this game did not affect my repertoire.

After 24.Rd1(Diagram)

After 24.Rd1

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