The Dutch Defence-Williams Variation (4..Rh7!?)

Time for a look at the Dutch Defence. Last tournament I gave this defence a try but did not really do much background work. Now it seems time to do some proper work as I have not done well against it as White in recent games.


The Williams Variation

The Bishop System 2.Bg5 against the Dutch Defence is one try to avoid big theory but can be met with the odd looking 4..Rh7!?

After 4..Rh7!?

Thematic Endgame

An interesting endgame arises that gave me some trouble to understand.

after 10..Kxf7(Diagram)

After 10..Kxf7

Black won a recent correspondence game but the initial Stockfish7 evaluation favours White, which makes the line hard to evaluate.


The Killer Dutch and the Williams Variation 4..Rh7

The Main Lines-White Repertoire

I would rather have a sideline against the Dutch rather than have to find a line against everything that Black can do like

  • The Leningrad(7..Qe8)
  • The Classical
  • The Stonewall
  • 7..Nc6 and 7..c6



The Leningrad Dutch

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