TWIC 1134-Open Games

I have been slowly adding Open Games to my repertoire but there is a ton of new literature to go through. GM Shaw is recommending the Scotch against 2..Nc6 in his new book, Playing 1.e4-Caro-Kann, 1..e5 and Minor Lines.


Playing 1.e4 by Shaw (2016)

There were some interesting games in TWIC 1134.

The Games

The Petroff Defence

5.Nc3 is still popular.

Wei Yi-Ma,Z

White came up with Bd3/Qe2 instead of Qd2 but got nothing from the opening.

After 19..Qc8(Diagram)

After 19..Qc8

White got a gift later as Black just blundered a piece to a simple tactic.

The Scotch-Mieses Attack


Black held easily in the 8..Ba6 line and showed resourceful play in the equal endgame.

After 26..Re1(Diagram)

Material is equal but Black took over.

After 26.Re1

The Italian Game-Slow(c3/d3)

Black gets some additional defensive options by not committing to an early ..d6


After 21.h5(diagram)

Black held on in an action packed game.

After 21.h5

Berlin Defence 4.d3 Bc5(C65)


After 26.Rhf1(Diagram)

Black was resourceful on defence and won with a nice counterattack.

After 26.Rhf1

Spanish Opening-Breyer Variation(C95)

The Accelerated Breyer(11..c5 instead of 11..Bb7) is gaining some momentum. Black does not block the b-file and plays ..Rb8 to support b-file counterplay.

The Bologan Twins

The Bologan Twins


After 11..Bb7


Ipatov played a model counterattacking game and finished with a ruthless kingside attack.

After 28.g3(Diagram)

After 28.g3

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