Checking Avrukh-1.d4 Vol1B

The tedious task of creating and checking files continues with the new Avrukh repertoire book 1.d4 The Queen’s Gambit Volume 1B(Quality Chess 2016)



Better get busy



Avrukh has made to somewhere on my desk to be looked at sooner rather than later.

396 pages.

  • Ch 1-6 QGA 3.e4
  • Ch 7- 18 Slav 4.e3
  • Ch 19-24 Minor Lines

Here is an example chapter

Ch 1 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 dc 4.e4 b5

Position 1

After 16.Bd2(diagram)

Avrukh’s sample line gives 16..Nc3?! leading to a clear advantage for White.

After 16.Bd2

After 16.Bd2

I suggest 16..Rfc8= as an improvement.

Position 2

After 11.Bd4(Diagram)

Avrukh gives 11..f6 but 11..Nf6 bringing out a piece makes more sense to me.

After 11.Bd4

After 11.Bd4

This is a must have book for 1.d4 players or if you just like books and have a lot of spare time.

My Avrukh diet is one chapter per day, more if I can manage it.


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