Checking Negi 1.e4 vs Sicilian III

1.e4 vs The Sicilian III-Negi(Quality Chess 2016)

This is another must have book for 1.e4 players and Sicilian defenders.



Time to get to work


Work harder and work more.


  • Ch 1-7 Taimanov(4..Nc6)
  • Ch 8-14 Kan (4..e6)
  • Ch 15-18 Scheveningen Keres Attack
  • Ch 19-22 Sidelines

Here is sample line from Chapter 21 2..e6 Sidelines

After 8.ef(Diagram)

Negi gives 8..ab leading to a clear advantage for White, citing Hansen-Jiang Montreal 2012.

Theory has marched on as 8..Bxf2+ was played in Szabo,G-Mihok,O Hun Ch 2016 which was an improvement.

After 8.ef

After 8.ef

After of the Szabo-Mihok game

The game continued with 15.Bxb5+ and was eventually drawn but I propose 15.Qxd5N as an improvement(on the improvement) and White is slightly better



It’s a nice book but I don’t play 1.e4 so that is all the work I feel like doing on this line.


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