Art Pub Open 2016 Followup

My Games

Here are some key positions from my games.

Rd1 Yip-Doracczi

I tried the Catalan for something different. Usually I aim for Queen’s Gambit Exchange Variation with Nf3 or Nge2 depending on my mood.

After 19..e5(Diagram)

Black has just provoked a crisis in the centre.

After 19..e5

After 19..e5

Rd2 KK-Yip

It seemed like a good idea to take the queens off as quickly as possible and go from there.

After 15.Ba4(Diagram)

I managed to win from this harmless looking position.

After 15.Ba4

After 15.Ba4


Charming Ms. Kata K(or KK)

Charming Ms. Kata K(or KK)

Rd3 Yip-Szabo Marton Mihaly

I managed to make a draw against the eventual tournament winner in a mighty tough battle.

After 37..Bd8(Diagram)

White has the centre, the bishops and big pressure but needs to find the right idea.

After 37..Bd8

After 37..Bd8



Szabo Marton Mihaly, the eventual winner of the tournament

Rd4 Kovacs,I-Yip

This was 1.c4 which turned into a Queen’s Gambit Declined. I hung on for the draw with some tough defence and a bit of luck.

After 30..f6(Diagram)

White missed a nice tactical blow.

After 30..f6

After 30..f6




Rd5 Yip-Forgacs,A

I introduced 4.Qc2 against the Nimzo-Indian when usually I play 4.e3 or avoid the whole mess with 3.Nf3.

After 21..Qb6(Diagram)

White has an extra doubled pawn but so what?

After 21..Qb6

After 21..Qb6

Rd6 Szollosi,L-Yip

I tried to be more solid with 1.e4 e5 but my opponent had other ideas after 2.d4 ed 3.f4

After 14.Qe1(Diagram)

Black has a nice position. I calculated 14..Ne3 winning when I went for the line leading to this position.

Find what I should have played.

After 14.Qe1

After 14.Qe1


And that’s my homework for the day.

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