TWIC 1143 October 4-2016

Banusz,T-Harikrishna ESP TCh

Open Catalan(E05) 10.Bf4

The Catalan is very popular now, and continues to be the repertoire recommendation of Avrukh in 1.d4 Vol1A(Quality Chess 2016)

After 22.Rxc5(diagram)

Black found an interesting way to continue the fight in this unbalanced RR-RR endgame.

After 22.Rxc5

After 22.Rxc5

Much later in the game, White reached a difficult position with the inferior structure.

After 46..f5+(diagram)

What should White do with his king?

After 46..f5+

After 46..f5+

Bacrot-Harikrishna, ESP TCh

Berlin Wall Endgame(C67) 9.h3

Most likely this game will pass unnoticed with no big attack, fancy tactics or decisive result. However, I liked the defensive plan of sacrificing a pawn for activity and the following endgame play.

After 33.Kxf4(Diagram)

After 33.Kxf4

After 33.Kxf4


Piorun-Harikrishna ESP TCh

Sicilian Taimanov 6.f4(B47)

The Taimanov Sicilian is very popular but Harikrishna did not follow the latest word in The Taimanov Bible

After 20..Be7(Diagram)

White has better development and is making progress on the queenside but accurate play is required.

After 20..Be7

After 20..Be7

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