TWIC 1159

Non-Spanish Open Games

Here are some interesting games from this weeks TWIC issue.

Game 1: Karjakin-Aronian

Italian Game(C50)

Black mismanaged his position after accepting an isolated pawn for activity and was then positionally smothered.

After 31..Rfe8(Diagram)

The knight is king and the e-pawn a permanent target but what is the plan now?

After 31..Rfe8

After 31..Rfe8


Game 2: Jones-Ragger

Scotch Game, Mieses Attack (C45)

White played a model endgame gambit in the topical Scotch Opening.

After 27..a6(Diagram)

White has a nice good knight vs bad bishop RN-RB endgame. How to continue?

After 27..a6

After 27..a6


Game 3: Grigorian-Harutyunian

Vienna Game 3.g3 Bc5(C26)

A typical plan for White is f4-f5 and a kingside pawn avalanche.

After 7.Nge2(Diagram)

Black must make a key defensive decision early in the game.

After 7.Nge2

After 7.Nge2

After 24.Bxf4(Diagram)

Black voluntarily opened up his kingside in a sharp chaotic game and now must make a decision about the Bf2.

(a) Guard it 24..Qc5 or

(b) Move it with 24..Bxg1+ 

After 24.Bxf4

After 24.Bxf4

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