TWIC 1159: Open Games with the Spanish

Spanish Open Games

Game 1: Eljanov-Karjakin

Berlin 4.d3 Bc5(C65)

The 6.Qe2 line in the Berlin middlegame is a popular branch. White tried a more modest approach with g3 and c4/Nd5 but could not get much against the solid Berlin formation.

After 19.Kf1(Diagram)

White is more active in the centre and has dreams of a kingside attack so how should Black manage the defence?

After 19.Kf1

After 19.Kf1

Game 2: Azarov-Zhigalko,S

Breyer 9.h3 Nb8(C95)

The solid Breyer continues to be a tough nut to crack.

After 26..Kg7(Diagram)

White needed some cooperation in the attacking phase but took the necessary risks to get some winning chances.

After 26..Kg7

After 26..Kg7


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