TWIC 1160-Part 2

Queen’s Indian and Nimzo-Indian Defence

Game 1: Nakamura-Izturrizaga

A nice positional game from Nakamura, the winner of the Gibraltar Open.

Queen’s Indian(E18) 8.Bd2 Bf6

After 18..Bf6(Diagram)

How to exploit the offside Na6?

After 18..Bf6

After 18..Bf6

Game 2: Kantor,G-Shankland

Queen’s Indian(E15) 5.b3

After 23.N1e2(Diagram)

How to exploit White’s poor coordination?

After 23.N1e2

After 23.N1e2

Game 3: Short-Bellin

Queen’s Indian Defence 4.a3(E12)

After 18..Bxa6(Diagram)

White must find a good plan.

After 18..Bxa6

After 18..Bxa6

Game 4: Korobov-Michalik

Nimzo-Indian Defence 4.Qc2 0-0 5.e4(E32)

After 13..Qg6(Diagram)

White must find a good idea.

After 13..Qg6

After 13..Qg6

Game 5: Zatonskih-Short

Nimzo-Indian Defence 4.Qc2 d5(E36)

After 17.Nf3(Diagram)

The uncastled Ke1 was the main theme of the game.

After 17.Nf3

After 17.Nf3

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