TWIC 1160

The weekly dose of games from TWIC.

Open Games

Game 1: Ivanchuk-Dragnev


After 34.Ree7(Diagram)

The doubled rooks look quite dangerous but Black found a nice defence.

After 34.Ree7

After 34.Ree7

Game 2: Paehtz-Vitiugov

Italian Game(C50)

After 29.Bxh8(Diagram)

The Kh1 gets caught in a nice attack after some very creative play by Black.

After 29.Bxh8

After 29.Bxh8


Game 3: Wei Yi-Karjakin

Berlin Defence(C65)

After 12..dxc3(Diagram)

How to attack?

After 12..dxc3

After 12..dxc3


Game 4: Vachier Lagrave-Adams

Berlin Endgame(C67) 9.h3 Be7

After 19..h4(Diagram)

Find the right plan first, then look for the move.

After 19..h4

After 19..h4


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