TWIC 1173 May 2 2017

Selected Games from TWIC 1173

The experiment with the Tactical Analysis function in CB14 continues.

Game 1: Prohaszka-Gilevych

Reti Opening

After 17..a5(Diagram)

White has the bishop pair. What next?

After 17..a5


Game 2: Bauer-Stern

Queen’s Gambit 5.Bf4(D37)

After 22..Rb8(Diagram

There is something quite suspicious about Black’s position.

After 22..Rb8

Game 3: Rodshtein-Alekseenko

Queen’s Gambit Accepted(D20)

After 25..Nxd4(Diagram)

White to play and what result?

After 25..Nxd4

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