TWIC 1173 May 2-2017(More)

Semi-Open Games

Here is the latest on two topical lines for 1.e4 players.

Game 1:  Vallejo Pons-Juhasz,A

IM Juhasz is my MTK teammate.

Caro-Kann Advance 5.Bd3(B12)

This line against the solid Caro-Kann is the big fashsion now.

After 14..g6(Diagram)

White is ahead in development and Black is yet to castle. How to continue?

After 14..g6


Game 2: Sethuraman-Fier

Sicilian Taimanov 7.Qf3(Diagram)

After 14.Qc4(Diagram)

There is something wrong with White’s position.

After 14.Qc4

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