New Books-KID,Ragozin and Hedgehog

This summer’s homework just arrived.

The most shocking tidbit is that The Complete Ragozin has no indexing so good luck trying to find anything. Chess Stars has done another great job and follows their standard Quick Repertoire overview and Step-by-Step with details format.

Bologan’s King’s Indian is also a nice production.

The Complete Ragozin

The analysis looks amazing but there is one gigantic problem.

304 pages but without any indexing.

There are NO indexes!

Bologan’s King’s Indian

The book includes 86 quiz positions.

448 pages with light indexing. No sample games.


page 443


pp 444-445


pp 446-447

The Hedgehog vs The English/Reti

My instant favorite.

443 pages, nicely indexed with 18 illustrative games


pp 442-443


pp 440-441

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