TWIC 1175 May 16-2017

CB14 allows quick processing of fresh games(for example the weekly TWIC issue)

The general procedure is

  • Set up Repertoire databases for White/Black
  • Identify Critical Opening Positions
  • Use Search Mask to filter games as desired
  • Use Tactical Analysis to select games and check them(I used 15secs/move)
  • Review the lightly annotated games and add suitable games to Repertoire files

I let Chessbase go through 10-15 games at a time during the day or 20-25 games overnight and review the games rather than tedious clicking though each game manually.

Here is a nice game from this week’s issue.

Sicilian Sveshnikov


After 19..Nc5(Diagram)

The exchange sacrifice is an easy candidate to consider.

After 19..Nc5

White obtained excellent position compensation for the exchange with a strong Nc4 and good light square play.

After 21..Rd8(Diagram)

After 21..Rd8

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