Semi-Tarrasch Defence 11.Rc1!?

A Line for White

Saturday afternoon has come and gone.

Between tournaments, everyone is usually busy stockpiling lines for their repertoire databases. Ideas can come from anywhere but one key source is the New in Chess Yearbook.



11.Rc1 has received some attention in YB121(IM Karolyi,T) so I thought it was worth a deeper look.

11.Bc4 is the aggressive old main line that I was familiar with based on some old games that I remembered, for example Polugaevsky-Tal. However, it has been a while since I updated the little that I know.

After 11.Rc1

Swayams-Tica, Zalakaros 2017

After 23..Qb6(Diagram)

White is clearly dominating but how to finish the job?

After 23..Qb6



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