TWIC 1183 July 11-2017

Sicilian Sidelines

Game 1: Daulyte-Jones,G

English GM Jones is well-known for his 2-volume books on The Sicilian Dragon. He also uses the 2..g6 Hyper Accelerated Dragon.

Hyper Acclerated Dragon(B27)

After 15.Qc4(Diagram)

Black faced the 15.Qc4 novelty in the 4.Qxd4 sideline.

After 15.Qc4

Later in the game

After 22..Ne7(Diagram)

White has some pressure in the endgame but continued inaccurately.

After 22..Ne7

Game 2: Bartel-Cheparinov

Rossolimo Sicilian 3.Bb5+Nd7(B51)

After 25..Kh7(Diagram)

White has an impressive kingside buildup but how to continue?

After 22..Kh7


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