TWIC 1187-King’s Indian Defence

King’s Indian Games

The King’s Indian suffered in this week’s games. There is a ton of theory and my memory was never that good.

Game 1: Krasenkow-Erdogdu

Petrosian/Krasenkow System(E92)

TCh-TUR Super League 2017

After 17..Nb4(Diagram)

There is something wrong with Black’s position.

After 17..Nb4

Game 2: Sandipan-Hasrauth

Averbakh 6..h6(E73)

Dutch Open 2017

After 26..Kg7(Diagram)

What should White do about his attacked queen?

After 26..Kg7

Game 3: Dziuba-Wan Yunguo

Saemisch 6.Nge2 c5(E81)

CellaVision Cup 2017

Black hung tough until deep into the endgame.

After 48..Nxd5(Diagram)

After 48..Nxd5

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