TWIC 1187-The Catalan

Catalan Games

Keeping up with Avrukh is a lot of work!

Avrukh’s repertoire work(Quality Chess 2015)

Game 1: Markus-Erdogu

Open Catalan(E05) 8.a4

TCh-TUR Super League 2017

After 25..cb(Diagram)

White has the c-file and has a chance for a big finish.

After 25..ab

Game 2: Ahlander-Sumets

Closed Catalan with ..Na6

CellaVision Cup 2017

After 20..Qb7(Diagram)

White has a chance to apply some pressure. In the game, Black escaped by making something out of nothing in a simple looking endgame.

This was the least spectacular and most impressive of the Catalan games I looked at this week.

After 20..Qb7

Later in the game

After 30.Rd3(Diagram)

Black ground out a win from this position.

After 30.Rd3

Game 3: Brunello-Das

Closed Catalan 9.e4

After 22.Bb2(Diagram)

CellaVision Cup 2017

Black chose the wrong way to set White problems. Can you do better?

After 22.Bb2

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