Thinkers Publishing-New Books 2017

Mastering Complex Endgames

411 pages.

Twelve chapters with a mix of classics and modern games. Lots of text explanations.

No Indexes. Seriously you can’f find anything!

Chapter one

p.244 has an incorrect starting diagram

Nakamura-Carlsen, Moscow 2011

The bishop is on e3.(not f4 in the book)

Start position

Petrosian-Botvinnik m/5 1963

This is the first example in the book which gets repeated in many books so you get no real idea of what is in the book. This is too bad.

After 20.a4(Diagram)

I found an improvement for Black(with computer assistance) in this classic game.

After 20.a4

The TP Puzzle Book 2016

13 Chapters, 312 pages.

I solved up to chapter 4 so far. The level is quite challenging for me. The solutions have good text explanations.


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