TWIC 1187-Closed Games

QGA and QGD Games

Keeping up with Avrukh

Game 1: Nepomniachtchi-Nakamura

5.Bf4 Queen’s Gambit Declined(D37)

5th Sinquefield Cup 2017

After 21..g6(Diagram) 

The solid Queen’s Gambit turned out to be not so solid.

Black has too many weaknesses.

After 21..g6

Game 2: Morozevich-Studer

QGA 3.e4 Nf6(D20)

50th Biel GM 2017

White controls the entire board. How to continue though?

After 18..Qb5

Game 3: Banusz-Bartel

Queen’s Gambit Accepted(D26)

50th Biel Master Open

After 29.Qc2(Diagram)

White committed no big crime but got completely dominated.

Black is clearly better/winning but how to actually win the game?

After 29.Qc2

I was taking a little break and found this…

Dimash Kudaibergenov

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