TWIC 1187-The Nimzo-Indian

Nimzo-Indian Games

Game 1: Kulaots-Thybo

Rubinstein Main Line 10..Qc7(E59)

CellaVision Cup 2017

After 25..Rdd8(Diagram)

Black’s kingside dark squares look very inviting.

After 25..Rdd8

Game 2: Leenhouts-Iturrizaga

4.Qc2 c5(E39)

21st HZ Open 2017

After 13..Ne5(Diagram)

Black entered double-edged complications and eventually won but the game was certainly not one-sided.

White has two hanging bishops.

What do you recommend?

After 13..Ne5

Game 3: Zhou Jianchao-Wang Yue

4.Qc2 0-0: 6..d5(E32)

Huocheng Xinjiang Rapid

After 28..Rc7(Diagram)

White played a nice position endgame. How should White continue?

After 28..Rc7

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