TWIC 1187-Bogo-Indian and Queen’s Indian

Bogo-Indian and Queen’s Indian Games

Game 1: Ward-Howell

Queen’s Indian Hybrid(E13)

104th ch-GBR 2017

After 23.Be2(Diagram)

Black has the better structure but White is clearly up to something on the h-file. How should Black continue? Howell came up with quite an original solution.

After 23.Be2

Game 2: Arkell-Howell

Queen’s Indian/Closed Catalan(E15)

104th ch-GBR 2017

After 29.Ngf4(Diagram)

White is passive considering the Qa2 and Be1. How should Black continue?

After 29.Ngf4

Game 3: Yilmaz-Paichadze

Bogo-Indian 4.Bd2 Qe7(E11)

TCh-TUR Super League 2017

After 38.Nd5(Diagram)

White has a horrible kingside structure but the Nd5 is well placed.

No hints!

After 38.Nd5

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