TWIC 1188-Benoni

Some Benoni Games

Keeping up with Petrov. The Benoni is quite popular but now Petrov’s nice book is getting a bit dated.

Quality Chess 2013

Game 1: Jianu-Kovacevic

g3 Benoni 9..Re8(A62)

10th Arad Open 2017

After 24..Re7(Diagram)

White is better with an usual kingside pawn arrangement. But how should he proceed?

After 24..Re7

Game 2: Oliva-Cuenca Jimenez

g3 Benoni 11.Bf4 Ne4

TCh-ESP Div 1 2017

After 17..Bf8(Diagram)

Black got greedy and took the b-pawn earlier in the. The result was a serious lag in development.

How should White continue?

After 17..Bf8


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