TWIC 1188-King’s Indian Defence

This week’s TWIC issue 1188 is now available

King’s Indian Games

Keeping up with Kotronias.

Game 1: Leniart-Mihok,O

Smyslov Bg5(E60)

After 23..Rd8(Diagram)

Is the Nd6 in trouble or not?

After 23..Rd8

Game 2: Nabaty-Zeng

Classical 5.Bd3(E90)

Riga Tech Open A 2017

After 28.Ne2(Diagram)

Black did not follow the Kotronias recommendation from Vol5 in his series but reached a satisfactory position after closing the centre.

Black has no traditionally passive Bg7 and has the more active minor pieces.

What do you suggest for Black?

After 28.Ne2


PS: Following Vol5 of ch14 of Kotronias 5.Bd3 main line gets you to this position, if you want to learn 35 moves to be a pawn down in a rook endgame. Well it is equal at least.

After 35..h5 the final position of ch14 vol5 Kotronias on the KID



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