TWIC 1203 Nov 28-2017

This week’s TWIC 1203 is available

Philidor 3.Bd3


TCh-HUN 2017-18

After 27.Qh4(Diagram)

White has the inferior minor piece and the worse structure.

What do you recommend for Black?

After 27.Qh4

Caro-Kann Defence

Two Knights Variation


TCh-HUN 2017-18

After 14..Rxh5(Diagram)

The position is sharp. Black is uncastled but the active Rh5 is very effective.

What would you play?



(c)Something else

After 14..Rxh5



After 27..fg(Diagram)

Black is suffering on the kingside but White needs to find an accurate way to continue.

What do you suggest?

After 27..fg(Diagram)


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