Book News-December 2017

New arrivals

Sharp Endgames

” Endgames often give rise to the most difficult and pivotal moments of a chess game. In Sharp Endgames, International Master Esben Lund tackles this crucial topic in a unique and innovative way, focusing on the 16 Parameters involved in this type of decision-making.

The book contains more than a hundred carefully chosen exercises, with solutions linked to the 16 Parameters. The feedback is concrete and gives the player a clear way to improve his or her understanding and skill. The exercises can be played out against a partner or engine; the book even contains a step-by-step guide explaining how to configure a chess engine for this purpose.”

Looks like a gold mine of knowledge.

Who wouldn’t want to learn about the Lund Line?


and two opening books

Modern Saemisch

The most modern game in the games list is from 2014.

Modern Saemisch


Modern Saemisch

The Hedgehog

Chapter 2 heading has Ulf’s last name spelled wrong so not a good start.

ch2 Ulf??



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