BTCh Monday League 6-Board 2018 Rd10


I played not so great on board 1 and managed to scrape together an unconvincing win

There were a couple of stoppages during the game. The first was to wind up my opponent’s clock and the second due to a brief power failure.


Reti vs Dutch Defence

I played the opening rather horribly which has been happening to me rather often lately. The position became complicated and my opponent lost thread of the game and started to drift. Eventually my pieces got themselves organised for an attack which eventually prevailed.

After 23..g4(Diagram)

The position is sharp and promising for White who has more than one good move to choose from.

White do you recommend for White?

After 23..g4

My teammates were fashionable late, arriving after I turned off my phone so here are some of the UKSE players

Getting serious

My opponent(seated) FM Tornei

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