TWIC 1252 Caro-Kann Defence

Selected games


Classical 4..Bf5/11.Bd2

Chigorin Memorial 2018 rd8

After 23..Nf6(Diagram)

White has a standard cramp in the kingside with the h5-pawn and also a central cramp with the c5-pawn which gives good control over the d6-outpost

What do you recommend for White?

After 23..Nf6



Classical 4..Bf5/11.Bd2

Leer Open 2018 rd5

After 20..b6(Diagram)

White has more space from the h5 and c5 pawns but Black has struck back in the centre with ..e5 and starting to undermine the c5-d4 pawn chain with his last move

What do you recommend for White?

After 20..b6



Exchange Variation

22nd OIBM 2018 rd5

After 16…0-0-0(Diagram)

Opposite sides castling usually implies mutual attack and a race. Black’s attack is well underway but White’s attack has not yet started

What do you recommend for White?

  • 17.c4
  • 17.b4
  • 17.a4
  • Something else

After 16..0-0-0

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