Adventures at the Art Pub Nov 2018

This game caused me some pain


English Opening 1..e5/4.e3

Art Pub Open November 2018 Rd6

Position 1

After 15…f5(Diagram)

White has a big decision to make about the e4-pawn. The first question is keep or resolve the central pawn the tension? the next question exactly what to play(plus the plan)

What do you recommend for White?

It is not at all clear what I did was best


Position 2

After 18..Nb8(Diagram)

White has a nice position with good rook position and possible f-file play

What do you recommend for White?

After 18..Nb8

Position 3

After 23..Bh5(Diagram)

Black has made big progress. The formerly weak e4-pawn has been reinforced and the QB battery on the a1-h8 diagonal is not particularly effective. One of White’s trumps is the bishop pair but this has just been challenged with the ..Bxe2 exchange being the main simple idea when White would be left with a lame bishop against a nimble knight

What do you recommend for White?

After 23..Bh5


Sulyok,Eszter getting ready to play


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