TWIC 1254 Queen’s Indian and Nimzo-Indian

Selected games



Queen’s Indian 4.a3 with 5..g6

TCh-HUN 2018-19 rd2.4

Aquarena Kobanya SC I-HVSE-Infraplan

After 21..Rfd8(Diagram)

Both sides have a bishop pair and Black has just contested the vital d-file

What do you recommend for White?

After 21..Rfd8



Nimzo-Indian 4.Qc2 0-0

Runavik Open 2018 rd7

After 19..Rg6(Diagram)

White has the bishops, a backward d-pawn and the d5-outpost to aim at. Black is hoping to set up a kingside attack and looks ready to create some trouble

What do you recommend for White?

After 19..Rg6

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