TWIC 1254 TCh-HUN 2018-19

Selected games features TCh-HUN 2018-19


Sicilian 3.Bb5 g6

TCh-HUN 2018-19 rd2.2

DVTK-Z.Csuti-Hydrocomp SK

The endgame features

  • play against an isolated pawn(c6) and a weakened structure
  • BN vs BB


After 20..f4(Diagram)

Black is trying to get active counterplay with his last move

What do you recommend for White?

After 20..f4



Pirc Classical with ..c6

TCh-HUN 2018-19 rd1.5

Dunaharaszti MTK-Z.Csuti-Hydrocomp SK

The endgame features

  • An early queenless middlegame with dark square counterplay
  • slow unspectacular infiltration play
  • RB vs RB then a R-R endgame


After 41.Re1(Diagram)

Material is even but Black is obviously doing well

What do you recommend for Black?

After 41.Re1

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