TWIC 1275 Caro-Kann

selected games


Henderson de La Fuente-Ter Sahakyan

Two Knights 3..dxe4

Budapest Spring Open 2019 Rd5

After 14.Bg2(Diagram)

The two big lines in the Two Knights are 3..Nf6 and 3..Bg4 but 3..dxe4 is slightly under the radar

Black played simple chess and quickly achieved a rock solid position. Neither seems to be doing anything really special

What do you recommend for Black?

After 14.Bg2



Advance, Short Variation 6..c5

ch-CRO 2019 Rd10

The natural novelty 13.f4!N left Black with problems finding a useful plan


After 16..Qe6(Diagram)

White has the better structure but the d-pawn looks easily defensible and the f5-pawn can be reinforced with ..g6

What do you recommend for White?

After 16..Qe6


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