The Combination Buildup Phase-525 Greatest Puzzles 2018

Selected games/combinations

Greatest 525 Puzzles from 2018-Balogh,Cs



Here are a couple of positions from Ch3 Hard

Position 1

After 31dxe5(Diagram)

Black to play

Position 2

After 18..Qf6(Diagram)

White to play


The title of the book gives away the requirements and the reader is alerted for what to look for. However, one is left wondering how the positions came about in the buildup up phase for the combination


Position 1 Buildup


47th Rilton Cup 2017-18


After 27.Bb2(Diagram)

Black has managed to point all his pieces at the kingside but the Bc6 does not do anything particularly special

What do you recommend for Black?

After 27.Bb2


Position 2 Buildup


TCh-AUT 2017-18


After 15..Be6(Diagram)

Black lags in development and his king is asking for trouble

What do you recommend for White?

After 15..Be6




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