Mastering Essential Rook Endings-Mikhalchishin(Chess Evolution 2018)

Selected endings

The Modern Endgame Manual is an 8-volume series with three volumes devoted to rook endings.

One of them is Mastering Essential Rook Endings

Ch12 has 108 test positions for rook endings



Wrong Diagrams

I slogged my way to position 50 over the last few days and noticed a couple of diagram errors in the book(positions 39,45) that did not make my task any easier.

Here are the correct positions. In general the solutions did not have much text explanations and consisted of variations of varying lengths.

The three volumes on rooks have many examples but apart from that is are nothing special.


Test Position 39

Mortensen-Hillarp Persson

Koge op rd8

How does Black secure a draw?

Position 39 Black to play


Test Position 45


Gibraltar Masters 2018 rd3

What is the complicated route to victory for White?

Position 45 White to play


Duplicate Positions

Also note that Test Positions 2 and 107; 64 and 88; 66 and 86; are duplicates.



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